I'm mostly a light user of computing resources. I do the majority of my work through bash, like playing music, editing documents, programming etc. I thought I'd share a little about my setup as I always enjoy reading people's.

Note that I'm not affiliated with any of the brands or projects mentioned below.


In 2018 I'd get my first laptop, a ThinkPad T430, which in fact happened by a mistake of mine, since at that time I planned to install LibreBoot (a liberated boot firmware) on my "new" machine, but if I had payed some more attention, would realise that T400 and T500 are the only T series models "officialy supported" by the project.

In my pocket, I carry a Moto G 2014, a device that is to be replaced by a liberated Galaxy S 3 whenever I get it working again (its battery seems to have died).


I currently run Arch Linux (BTW) on my PC, and as I write this, I consider reinstalling it because when I first did it, I used of many shortcuts to get the machine working sooner, and ended up running scripts I can't even recall. It was a lot of pain and suffering, pain and suffering. To make things even better, i3 is my windows manager - I can't recommend it enough: it's super lightweight and makes windows management a lot simpler.

Lineage OS brings my phone to life, and unfortunately has been dropped by the maintainers, so it will no longer receive any updates, due to that reason I'm stuck in Android 7. Replicant, the OS of my S 3, is on its 6th version, still to get fixes since the end 2017. It's a Lineage-based distro, with all proprietary software removed, so as you can guess, some things such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi do not work, unless you install their nonfree firmwares yourself.

This page is going to be updated from time to time, after I finally decide what is actually worthy placing here.

Last updated: July 02, 2019