Back on track

It's been a while. During this time I was away from blogging, some changes were made. 2019 was more of a gap year for me, which I mostly spent on preparing myself for "reapplying for college" as I previously dropped from a more strict 3 years "major" I was pursuing (these terms are not necessarily accurate outside my country). Due to the urgency I always felt about having a degree highly focused on logical thinking, I thought I'd try to get into some engineering course and, recently, the opportunity for a "scholarship" in Electrical Engineering appeared in front of me, I could not reject it.

Also, I worked on expanding the set of tech I have some level of mastery over. I took a look at web frameworks and the built of web extensions, once I am determined to make it so users are allowed to post gifs on Mastodon directly from the web UI. This has been a great chance for me to review some of my JavaScript knowledge and also learn, for the first time, a JS framework (Svelte). ES6 is really nice, but Python remains as my favourite language — not really a fanboy, it can be said that each one is very good at fulfilling its own purpose. After being for months working nearly full-time with Python, and having been through this "web development season", I found out one can only get used to confusing some structures here and there, and/or applying patterns that are not respected by languages apart from that you're more familiar with. Take it easy.

Right now, I'm making a big reform on my resumè (which actually means I cutting off things I no longer have interest or deeper understanding about). I'm seeking a new job and feel like I could add a lot more "color" to my skills section if I finally put these new weapons in action, in something big I'm about to announce on here — as soon as I decided what it will be.

To finish this, I need to acknowledge that the computer theory in me has, for a meaningful period, been somewhat rusty. Starting from tomorrow, I'm going to be discovering which data structures remained in my memories. Then I'll probably check some operating systems, still not sure; we'll see.